Kailua Pentecostal Church - "Reaching Out With the Love of Christ"
Destined for Heaven in 2011

Philippians 3:20 (NLT)
But we are citizens of heaven,
where the Lord Jesus Christ lives.
And we are eagerly waiting for him
to return as our Savior.
Praise the Lord and welcome to the "Kailua Pentecostal Church" website. Under the Pastoralship of Pastor Eric K. Kamanu, we welcome you. Here you will find information about our ministries, services, weekly events, youth rallies, and much, much, more. We believe that God has great plans in store for you and we pray that this website will be a blessing to you and those around you.
"Becoming a Christian is not a destination; it is the beginning of a life-long journey."
Be blessed always & always be a blessing!
Casting Crowns
"Voice of truth"
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